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About Me

Hey :)
First of all thanks so much for visiting my blog!
Here's where you can learn a lil about me.
I'm a student journalist studying in Cardiff, originally from Ireland. I'm loving the life of a journalist but created this little internet home for myself where I can go to return to my first love of creative writing, when I get bored of writing about criminals & new born pandas. I also like a wee bit of radio and broadcasting work. Every now and then I do the odd bit of script writing, never seriously though.
I'm insecure and require constant attention so I feed off comments like a moth on a wool cardigan. However, I also really appreciate negative (but constructive) feedback, so don't be shy. Don't worry, I do not need unconditional love from you guys, I have many dogs.
I love books and I'm scared of pigeons. 
Enjoy the site and if there's anything else you'd like to know give me an email